Static Panel Vs. Dynamic Sampling

In this post, we will compare two digital Market Research Sampling Methodology, which are
"Static Panel" and "Dynamic Sampling" and we will discuss why Research on Mobile utilizing the second one.

We can begin with  the main challenge and concern in traditional static panels, which is:

How to ensure that these people are not professional respondents? If they have been on the panel for 2 years or so and have done so many surveys that they now know how to pass screen out questions
For instance, they know that they should say they are a woman and earn +$10,000 per month cause in most surveys they took in the past few months they screened out when they said they were a man and/or they got screened out when they said they were unemployed.

Considering the above-mentioned points, The whole concept of 'static panels' is in question at this stage cause the idea of a panel is to have loyal respondents coming back all the time to take surveys.
RoM answer to that was t…

10 Benefits of mobile market research

It is not possible to ignore the importance of the effects of mobile on people daily life. More than 48% of total web page views globally occurs on mobiles and the number of mobile internet usage is increasing.[+]

Smartphones and tablets give the opportunity for users to share information on the go. As Statista shows, mobile internet traffic in November 2018 excluding tablets is more than 48% and at the top of the list is Asia, with more than 61% and Africa with more than 57 %.

The global digital population shows more than 4.1 billion active internet users and 3.9 billion users are unique mobile internet users. Mobile apps also have their own space in people’s everyday activity. The statistics of March 2017 shows the most popular app markets, Google play, and App store has 2.8 and 2.2 million apps available respectively.[+]

With considering these trends in mobile usage, we cannot ignore the importance of using mobiles in collecting data for market research purpose. Besides that, the …

Mobile Market Research

As mobile technology develops and changes, market research through mobile devices, too, will change.
As Ray Poynter states: Mobile devices can do so much more than just surveys, passive data, push notification, and location-based services are just the start. The phone is becoming a window into people’s lives.”

Market researchers can use mobile devices as a new research tool. Currently, 20%-30% of online surveys are attempted by people that are using their mobile devices. And with face-to-face research, mobile devices such as tablets or phones are replacing clipboards and pens.

For the future of marketing, mobile is going to expand forms of current research techniques:

Participative Research: current research can be used with mobile where organizations use a person who has previously responded in the research process in future studies. Allowing participants to share their experiences through commentary, photos, and videos allows customers to really give feedback that could not have been c…


LEBANON – Beirut-based consumer insight start-up, Research On Mobile, has been established by Nader Kobeissi, Ebrahim Eskandari and Ehsan Ahmadi. The agency is combining digital technology and mobile phones with market research to gain consumer understanding. The three co-founders have more than 30 years’ experience in the market research industry internationally. Kobeissi, chief revenue officer, has worked on online and mobile panels for companies including Toluna, Ipsos and On Device Research in Paris, New York and Dubai. Eskandari, chief operating officer, has worked in media and online research. And Ahmadi, chief technical officer, has experience in web and mobile technology with a focus on survey platforms.
Ebrahim said: “After experience in serving regional clients, we decided to go global this time. We will leverage our experience in covering consumers in developing countries, to cover even hard to reach areas, which other agencies won’t cover.”
Covered on Research live

Research On Mobile born to help businesses get global consumer insights more easily

Research On Mobile is a global consumer insight gathering startup which combined digital technology and mobile phones with market research in a unique way to enrich the understanding of consumers in this mobile era. Research On Mobile considers mobile as an integral part of a new generation of consumers, by leveraging these potentials, Research On Mobile is able to serve the businesses to get insight from the consumers in a fast and affordable way. Research On Mobile Prominences Research On Mobile, on the one hand, uses the vast range of AI technologies in the background to make sure the businesses can rely on the delivered data and insights, and on the other hand, Research On Mobile’s dashboard is as minimalistic as possible to limit the client’s efforts in defining the project and extracting the data. Ebrahim the COO and co-founder of the company mentioned; “After Our experience in serving regional clients, we decided to go global this time, we leverage our experience in covering cons…

Mobile Usage Specialist Launches in Beirut

In the Lebanon, Nader Kobeissi, Ebrahim Eskandari and Ehsan Ahmadi have launched a consumer insights business called Research On Mobile.

Serving as the new firm’s Chief Revenue Officer, Kobeissi previously worked on online and mobile panels at Toluna, Ipsos and On Device Research in Paris, New York, and Dubai. Eskandari becomes Chief Operating Officer, having previously worked in media and online research; while Ahmadi is Chief Technical Officer, with a background in web and mobile technology and a focus on survey platforms.

Their new firm combines digital technology and artificial intelligence to understand how consumers use their mobile phones. The business covers 112 countries and aims to help brands and marketers better understand millennial and mobile users. Insights are gathered overnight in order to take strategic decisions the next morning.

Ebrahim comments: ‘After our experience in serving regional clients, we decided to go global this time. We leverage our experience in cove…