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Programmatic Sampling: The Basics

The ins and outs of programmatic sampling from APIs to automation The market research industry would not exist without its respondents: people answering questions about their favorite products and brands, which car they intend to buy, or how their grocery shopping habits have changed during the Covid-19 Pandemic.  To get accurate data, we need to […]

3 Major Challenges of Programmatic Sampling

Businesses and market research agencies are looking for multiple sources of samples in order to perform their surveys faster, to make them more affordable, and to fill hard to achieve quotas. Machines and APIs have now made this integration of data workable, because considering the human errors and costs of such an operation it has […]

8 Major Benefits of Programmatic Sampling

Businesses are actively using data-driven approaches in their decision making in order to gain superior insights into the market. Consequently, the need for surveys and respondents to answer questionnaires is drastically increasing. Technology offers us the opportunity to develop innovations in sampling methods. Instead of using time-consuming and expensive old-fashioned panels, there is the possibility […]

Research On Mobile Born to Help Businesses Get Global Consumer Insights More Easily

Research On Mobile is a global consumer insight gathering startup which combined digital technology and mobile phones with market research in a unique way to enrich the understanding of consumers in this mobile era. Research On Mobile considers mobile as an integral part of a new generation of consumers, by leveraging these potentials, Research On […]

Research On Mobile Opens Its Doors

LEBANON – Beirut-based consumer insight start-up, Research On Mobile, has been established by Nader Kobeissi, Ebrahim Eskandari and Ehsan Ahmadi. The agency is combining digital technology and mobile phones with market research to gain consumer understanding. The three co-founders have more than 30 years’ experience in the market research industry internationally. Kobeissi, chief revenue officer, has worked […]

Mobile Usage Specialist Launches in Beirut

In Lebanon, Ebrahim Eskandari, Nader Kobeissi and Ehsan Ahmadi have launched a consumer insights business called Research On Mobile: ROM. Serving as the new firm’s Chief Revenue Officer, Kobeissi previously worked on online and mobile panels at Toluna, Ipsos and On Device Research in Paris, New York, and Dubai. Eskandari becomes Chief Operating Officer, having […]