Mobile Usage Specialist Launches in Beirut

In the Lebanon, Nader Kobeissi, Ebrahim Eskandari and Ehsan Ahmadi have launched a consumer insights business called Research On Mobile.

Founders Team

Serving as the new firm’s Chief Revenue Officer, Kobeissi previously worked on online and mobile panels at Toluna, Ipsos and On Device Research in Paris, New York, and Dubai. Eskandari becomes Chief Operating Officer, having previously worked in media and online research; while Ahmadi is Chief Technical Officer, with a background in web and mobile technology and a focus on survey platforms.

Their new firm combines digital technology and artificial intelligence to understand how consumers use their mobile phones. The business covers 112 countries and aims to help brands and marketers better understand millennial and mobile users. Insights are gathered overnight in order to take strategic decisions the next morning.

Ebrahim comments: ‘After our experience in serving regional clients, we decided to go global this time. We leverage our experience in covering consumer in developing countries, to be able to cover even hard to reach areas, which other agencies won’t cover’.


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