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Static Panel Vs. Dynamic Sampling

In this post, we will compare two digital Market Research Sampling Methodology, which are
"Static Panel" and "Dynamic Sampling" and we will discuss why Research on Mobile utilizing the second one.

We can begin with  the main challenge and concern in traditional static panels, which is:

How to ensure that these people are not professional respondents? If they have been on the panel for 2 years or so and have done so many surveys that they now know how to pass screen out questions
For instance, they know that they should say they are a woman and earn +$10,000 per month cause in most surveys they took in the past few months they screened out when they said they were a man and/or they got screened out when they said they were unemployed.

Considering the above-mentioned points, The whole concept of 'static panels' is in question at this stage cause the idea of a panel is to have loyal respondents coming back all the time to take surveys.
RoM answer to that was t…