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Programmatic Sampling: The Basics

The ins and outs of programmatic sampling from APIs to automation The market research industry would not exist without its respondents: people answering questions about their favorite products and brands, which car they intend to buy, or how their grocery shopping habits have changed during the Covid-19 Pandemic.  To get accurate data, we need to […]

Static Panel Vs. Dynamic Sampling

In this post, we will compare two digital Market Research Sampling Methodology, which are “Static Panel” and “Dynamic Sampling” and we will discuss why Research on Mobile utilizing the second one. We can begin with the main challenge and concern in traditional static panels, which is: How to ensure that these people are not professional […]

10 Benefits of Mobile Market Research

It is not possible to ignore the importance of the effects of mobile on people daily life. More than 48% of total web page views globally occurs on mobiles and the number of mobile internet usage is increasing.[+] Smartphones and tablets give the opportunity for users to share information on the go. As Statista shows, mobile internet […]