Research On Mobile is a global consumer insight gathering startup which combined digital technology and mobile phones with market research in a unique way to enrich the understanding of consumers in this mobile era.

Research On Mobile considers mobile as an integral part of a new generation of consumers, by leveraging these potentials, Research On Mobile is able to serve the businesses to get insight from the consumers in a fast and affordable way.

Research On Mobile Prominences

Research On Mobile, on the one hand, uses the vast range of AI technologies in the background to make sure the businesses can rely on the delivered data and insights, and on the other hand, Research On Mobile’s dashboard is as minimalistic as possible to limit the client’s efforts in defining the project and extracting the data.

Ebrahim the COO and co-founder of the company mentioned

After Our experience in serving regional clients, we decided to go global this time, we leverage our experience in covering consumer in developing countries, to be able to cover even hard to reach areas, which other agencies won’t cover.

Nader the CRO of the company and one of the co-founders also stated:

Smartphones have disrupted a number of industries which everyone thought are unshakable. Research On Mobile covers 112 countries and we can in a click of a button help brands and marketers better understand millennial and mobile users by gathering insights overnight and take the right strategic decisions the next morning.

Research On Mobile founders team

Research On Mobile founded by a team of three co-founders in September 2018. This team has more than 30 years of experience combined in the MR Industry Internationally, so the main focus of Research On Mobile is to cover the areas that have not been served before.

Nader Kobeissi, Co-founder & CRO of the company, has 14 years of experience in Market research more specifically online and mobile panels. He held executive roles at TolunaIpsos and On Device Research in Paris, New York, and Dubai.

Ebrahim Eskandari, Co-founder & COO of the Research ON Mobile, has more than 8 years of experience in media and Online research. He has a social science background and master and Ph.D. degree in Media Management.

Ehsan Ahmadi Co-founder & CTO has a cutting-edge knowledge of web and mobile technology after being 8 years in this field. He has focused especially on survey platforms in the last 3 years.

Author: Nader Kobeissi

Nader has 15 years of experience in Market research and more specifically in online and mobile panels. He held executive roles at Toluna, Ipsos and On Device Research in Paris, New York and Dubai. His passion for disruptive mobile ventures was the catalyst behind this collaboration with Ebrahim and Ehsan to launch Research on Mobile.

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