LEBANON – Beirut-based consumer insight start-up, Research On Mobile, has been established by Nader Kobeissi, Ebrahim Eskandari and Ehsan Ahmadi.

The agency is combining digital technology and mobile phones with market research to gain consumer understanding.
The three co-founders have more than 30 years’ experience in the market research industry internationally. Kobeissi, chief revenue officer, has worked on online and mobile panels for companies including Toluna, Ipsos and On Device Research in Paris, New York, and Dubai.
Eskandari, chief operating officer, has worked in media and online research. And Ahmadi, chief technical officer, has experience in web and mobile technology with a focus on survey platforms.
Ebrahim said:
After experience in serving regional clients, we decided to go global this time. We will leverage our experience in covering consumers in developing countries, to cover even hard to reach areas, which other agencies won’t cover.

Author: Nader Kobeissi

Nader has 15 years of experience in Market research and more specifically in online and mobile panels. He held executive roles at Toluna, Ipsos and On Device Research in Paris, New York and Dubai. His passion for disruptive mobile ventures was the catalyst behind this collaboration with Ebrahim and Ehsan to launch Research on Mobile.

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