As mobile technology develops and changes, market research through mobile devices, too, will change.

As Ray Poynter states: Mobile devices can do so much more than just surveys, passive data, push notification, and location-based services are just the start. The phone is becoming a window into people’s lives.”

Market researchers can use mobile devices as a new research tool. Currently, 20%-30% of online surveys are attempted by people that are using their mobile devices. And with face-to-face research, mobile devices such as tablets or phones are replacing clipboards and pens.

For the future of marketing, mobile is going to expand forms of current research techniques:

  • Participative Research: current research can be used with mobile where organizations use a person who has previously responded in the research process in future studies. Allowing participants to share their experiences through commentary, photos, and videos allows customers to really give feedback that could not have been captured before.
  • Passive Research: passive data collection includes information about what people are doing, when they do it, how long they do it, and possibly where and with whom they do it. This type of information adds objective information that sometimes could not have been obtained before.
  • In the Moment: using in the moment research goes around the issue of not remembering the precise feelings or insights that are experienced when a product is being used. Providing timely responses and opinions gives researchers a much more detailed and accurate picture of how customers feel when using their products.
  • Push/Location-based Services: push notifications for certain apps can be used with location-based services. Apps can follow customers through their day and “push” their services on them which sends users notifications of deals and sales in stores based on the user’s location.

In addition to all that, Think with Google reported that; The smartphone has become indispensable in getting things done. They found that 75% of people say their smartphones help them to be more productive. But it’s more than that. Productivity has an emotional impact as well. Fifty-four percent of people say their phones reduce stress and/or anxiety in their lives.

So it is not a shock that smartphone users are 50% more likely to expect to purchase something immediately while using their smartphone compared to a year ago.+

Author: researchonmobile

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